Community Agreements for Virtual Meetings

Community Agreements for Virtual Meetings: Creating a Safe and Productive Space

With more and more people participating in virtual meetings, it`s important to establish community agreements to ensure a safe and productive meeting environment. These agreements help to set expectations for behavior, communication, and engagement, and can increase overall participation and effectiveness.

Here are some tips for creating community agreements for virtual meetings:

1. Start with a discussion

Before you create community agreements, start with a discussion with your team or participants. Ask them for input on what they think is important for a successful and respectful virtual meeting. This will give everyone a chance to voice their opinions and concerns, and help to establish buy-in for the agreements.

2. Keep it simple

Community agreements don`t have to be complicated. Keep them simple and easy to remember. For example, “Be respectful of others` opinions” or “Stay engaged and participate actively” are clear and straightforward.

3. Include guidelines for communication

Virtual meetings rely heavily on effective communication, so it`s important to include guidelines for communication in your community agreements. For example, “Use clear and concise language” or “Avoid interrupting others when they`re speaking.”

4. Set expectations for behavior

Community agreements can also help set expectations for behavior during the meeting. For example, “Be on time” or “Avoid multi-tasking during the meeting” can help ensure that everyone is engaged and focused.

5. Review and revise regularly

Community agreements should be reviewed and revised regularly to ensure that they are still relevant and effective. Encourage participants to suggest updates or changes as needed.

Overall, community agreements for virtual meetings can help to create a safe and productive space where everyone feels respected and engaged. By involving participants in the process and keeping the agreements simple and clear, you can help to ensure a successful virtual meeting experience.