New team FC/Nov info

Team outfitting includes a team shirt and suit. all other items are optional but most divers order a warm up and backpack.

New team divers compete Future Champion or Novice in competitions. They move to the Junior Olympic level once they learn enough different dives to fulfill the dive requirements for their age group. Look under the J.O. information tab to see the basic required dives.  Future champion and novice level events have a variety of rules based on the competition. Most competitions include skill dives.

Divers compete in AGE groups. Most competitions use the following novice age brackets: 7U, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14 and older

Divers enter competitions using the website  Cick here to learn:  How to register on

Priority of meets for Future Champion and Novice divers:

Training is more important than meets as a fc/nov diver. But the meets help divers set goals and receive feedback on their progress. The divers will compete against other divers who are also new to the sport.

Local Invitational meets:  All team divers should plan on attend our local meets. Please mark your calendar in order to plan ahead!

Out of town Invitationals: Future Champ and Novice divers are encouraged to attend the away invitationals but they are not required. The meets help reinforce what the divers are working on in practice. The coaches and divers get valuable feedback. Divers focus more in practice when a meet is approaching and then they work hard after the meets based on meet results. Attending a meet at least every few months will keep divers training at a high level. Competitions are fun.