Krista Klein – Krista started the club in 1993 and developed it from a learn-to-dive lesson program to one of the top programs in the country. Krista was an accomplished diver and won the USA Diving Nationals multiple times and was also NCAA champion. She represented the USA in international competitions as part of the US National team. She is the owner of GC divers  and she coaches, schedules, and manages the program.

Jeff Bro – Jeff came to GC Divers from the University of Nebraska where he was a Division 1 coach. He has been with the GC divers’ program for over 14 years. He is the national Elite team coach and has contributed greatly to the lasting success of the team.  Jeff has had several USA National champions and Junior World Medalists. Additionally, Jeff has received recognition from United States diving as the coach of the year several times following our multiple  years of national team titles.

Ida Wilson – Ida is Krista’s mom and moved to Texas to be closer to her youngest grandchildren and help with the diving program. She had developed her own team in California and has coached hundreds of national level divers over the years.  Her specialty is the trampoline and developing the youngest divers. Ida is known for rewarding the divers with treats and prizes. Ida has always been very active and ran marathons before women were allowed to run them. She  still competes in diving at the master’s level and is an inspiration to all with her continued healthy lifestyle.

Vladimir Sak- Vladimir was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to the USA in 1996. He started his diving career when he was 7 years old and competed on a national level in USSR. He graduated from The National University of Physical Culture In Kiev with Bachelor degree in diving and physical education. Vladimir started his coaching career in 1986.  His biggest achievements as coach are: his students were Ukrainian Champions, runner ups in USSR National championships, runner ups in JuniorEuropean Championship and represented Ukrainian National Team at 1996 Olympics games. He is married and has 4 boys. He is very passionate about coaching and loves to bring the best in his students.

Ila Wilson– Ila comes to us from Crown Valley Divers in California. She is Ida’s granddaughter and Krista’s niece. Ila has been coaching for 10 years for Crown Valley and has coached Marina High school and Saddleback Junior College as well. She has had over 10 AAU national champions and their team has won the overall team championship several years. She is a great addition to our program.

Stacy Marincasiu– Stacy came to gcdivers from running her own club in Arlington. She is the GCISD high school coach. She was an accomplished college diver and trained with some of the very best coaches in the country as a college athlete.

Rich Wilson – Rich is the son of coach Ida and brother of coach Krista. He moved to the DFW area from Southern California where he has been coaching with the Crown Valley Divers. He is an excellent spotter on the trampoline.

Justin Ruszkowski – Justin joined us from the Lubbock ISD school system. He was the high school and club coach for Lubbock. Justin has moved to the DFW area and is a fantastic addition to the team. He has an enthusiasm for the sport, an eye for details and a very professional attitude.

Bailey Devine– Bailey is a PHD student and teaches classes at TCU. She is also working on her dissertation.  She enjoys working with the students and has been a wonderful addition to the GC Diver’s coaching family.

Alex Fincher – Alex was a GC Diver National team member and represented the USA on the National team.  He recently graduated from Texas Tech and came back to GC Divers. This time in a coaching capacity.


Bradley Christensen – Brad is a former GC Diver National team member and was 4th at the Olympic Trials. He recently graduated from Stanford University and is training for the 2020 Olympic Trials.

Cory Yeager– Corey was a coach for the Indianapolis Stars and City of Midland diving before moving the Dallas area. He is working in sales but still enjoys coaching and works with our team when he can.

Reid Klein– Reid is Krista’s youngest son. He has been a helper with lessons for over three years before being promoted to a lesson coach position. He was nationally ranked as a diver and he loves to coach

Bridget O’Neil- Bridget is a member of the GC Divers National team and the USA Diving national team. She has represented the USA in diving all over the world.  She is an excellent helper with the lesson program.

Maddie Kuykendall –Maddie is a senior in high school and is a very accomplished diver. She has a background in gymnastics.

Tyson Stacey– Tyson is a senior in high school and has been on the GC Divers national team for several years. He will be diving at BYU.

Isabelle LeBlanc – Isabelle is one of our national team divers. She attends Carroll High School and is an Honor Student in the Medical Academy. She also helps with the lessons.






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