About our club: GC Divers is one of the top competitive diving programs in the country offering programs that range from diving lessons through Jr and Sr. National levels. We utilize three very well equipped facilities in Southlake, Keller and Justin. We work very closely with these facilities to provide convenient times for all our programs and appreciate the pool time we’ve been able to secure. We expect all our athletes and parents to help us maintain these relationships by following all facility rules and conduct. We have a great group of coaches that support our programs. Our coaches often work with divers at various levels and it is not uncommon for athletes to work with multiple coaches as they progress. This is good for our coaches and good for the athletes who have the opportunity to work with different coaching styles

gc divers

There are 3 different levels of diving on the GC Divers team. We have divers new to the sport (Future Champions and novice level), those training to compete at the regional and high school level (Junior Olympic), and those aiming for national and international competitions (National Training).

We offer team classes 2x a week up to 6x a week depending on a student’s level.

GC Divers’ team has its main tryouts at the end of summer for the next season but divers in the lesson program who are interested in team and have passed at least level 5 in the lessons, can request a tryout.  If you are in the lessons and interested in trying out for the team, please email us at gcdivers@msn.com. Private lessons are also available.

GC Divers facebook group.

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